Experience Design for Engaging Digital Products

Since 2006 I've built engaging, interactive, and easy to use consumer and technology-focused products – across mobile, web, VR/AR, and AI-powered software and hardware. I love finding creative ways to solve complex problems in new and nascent spaces, utilizing human-centered design & technology.

Case Studies

Much of my current work I can't share due to privacy restrictions, but here are a few examples of impactful products I've led. For more information on my experience, check out my about page or resume.

Motional Interior Display
Motional / Self-Driving Car Rider Experience

Strategy, UX, UI, Research, Prototyping

Motional Command Center
Coming Soon: Motional / Command Center

Strategy, UX, UI, Research, Team Leadership

Luminipia Wonder iPad App
Luminopia / Project Wonder App

Strategy, UX, UI, Research, Prototyping

Luminopia Deep Breathing Guide
Luminopia / Deep Breathing Guide

Strategy, UX, UI, Research, Animation

Olympus Medical VR Experience
Olympus / VR Experience

Strategy, UX, UI, VR Design

Meet Mini Z Product Marketing
Meet MINI Z / Product Marketing

Strategy, UX, UI, Creative Development

White Rhino Addictive Health - Product Marketing
White Rhino / Product Marketing

UX, UI, Front-End Development