Motion Graphics

I've been bringing ideas to life through animation for over 10 years. I started off with animated product demos, and graduated to pulse pounding crime capers. Blending silky-smooth motion, creative cuts, smart illustrations, and custom sound design, I've built engaging videos for everything from tech giants to X-Ray detection companies.

Motion Graphics Reel

A short mashup video showing a broad sample of my best animation and design work. Includes 2D/2.5D animation, 3D animation, elements will photography, illustration, video editing and more.

Design, After Effects Animation, 3D Animation

MINI Z Product Launch Video

Promotional video to coincide with the launch of a revolutionary Z Backscatter scanning technology. The video highlights MINI Z's ability to enable law enforcement, border control, and other government agencies to detect weapons, explosives and contraband in hard to access spaces.

Art Direction, Storyboarding, After Effects Animation, 3D Animation + Motion Tracking

Aircuity Explainer Video

Promotional/explainer video combining footage and 2d/2.5d overlays. Video highlights Aircuity's unique airside efficiency solution, that dramatically reduces energy costs for intitutions.

Creative/Art Direction, Storyboard Design, After Effects Animation, Editing

SAP Casino Data Challenge

Telly award-winning video for SAP's Data Challenge Microsite. The video enticed users to try SAP's Visual Intelligence software, to discover hidden clues in a casino's data. I worked extensively on the design & storyboarding, and did all the animation and 3D work – using Video Copilot's Element 3D in After Effects.

Art Direction, Storyboarding, After Effects Animation, 3D Animation