A hands-on demo, from across the world.

AS&E was launching a groundbreaking new product, the world's first handheld Z-Backscatter detection device. The device Lets a user travel to areas that other devices simply can’t get to – like a subway station or the backseat of a car. Problem is, you need to see it to believe it, and sending a team of 4 sales reps across the world to meet with customers is an expensive proposition. I led the strategy, UX, and UI design for our solution – an online 3d product tour that allows users to try the device first-hand. It won millions in business, a webby nomination, and a site of the day award on thefwa.com.

Screen recording of experience

A more extensive case study is coming soon, in the meantime check out the live experience below.


Launch the Experience Launch the Experience


Since the MINI Z campaign launched, product inquiries have dramatically exceeded our expectations and awareness of our brand has never been higher.”
Tim McCabe
VP, Marketing and Technical Sales,
American Science & Engineering
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