Playing around

I'm curious by nature and have an insatiable drive to learn. I've spent many a late-night session experimenting with new techniques, tools, and platforms. Here are a few interesting experiments – the learnings from which have made their way into commercial projects.


Cinema4D Experimentation – "The Form"

Over the past few years I've been doing more and more 3d work, both for mixed reality and motion graphics. I relied heavily on Blender for a while, then to further my skills I've been teaching myself Cinema4D. This is a test I put together exploring displacement maps, looping animation, and more lighting/texturing techniques.


Girl 720°

Early on in my experience with VR I got a test up and running with Mettle's Skybox Studio. It's a great plugin for After Effects and makes creating 360 video a breeze (sort of). And what better useless purpose to create a VR experience for, than an audio reactive visualizer set to a Beck song. The "walls" and colors react to the audio level in the song, as does the camera movement.


Google Blocks VR Sketches

You could design 3d immersive experiences on a 2d screen – but designing this way is extremely inefficient. With this in mind, I've been experimenting with different tools for creating art for VR, in VR. The result is amazing – allowing you to build a 3d world around yourself and in perspective. Here's an early 3d test I put together with a fun, colorful feel. Grab a virtual coconut cocktail and enjoy!