Solving the Unsolved

I'm a seasoned product designer, creative technologist, and believer in human-centered design. Over the years I've found what I love to do is leverage design and technology to solve tough problems that haven’t been solved, and bring engaging experiences to life.

In early 2020 I joined Motional. Motional is a late-stage startup building autonomous vehicles, with commercial partnerships with Lyft, UberEats, and Hyundai. I came aboard as the third designer, and grew into Director of User Experience, driving the growth of our team from a small niche function, to a core competency. We now have over 20 team members on the design/research teams. I’ve worked overseen many aspects of the business, and gone deep in our rider experience and vehicle platforms.

Before Motional, I joined Luminopia as our founding designer. Luminopia is a digital therapeutics startup that was spun out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, and received FDA approval for Luminopia One™. In my time there, I led the end to end design of Luminopia One, which utilizes virtual reality as the treatment method. Luminopia One was also the subject of a publication in Nature magazine and Ophthalmology. Only a handful of companies in the world have received FDA Approval for a Digital Therapeutic, and no others utilizing VR.

Prior to Luminopia I spent my career as a freelancer and lead designer at studios in the Boston area. I've led projects for dozens of notable brands in tech, B2B, and healthcare – with a focus on UX, interaction design, and development, of engaging mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, interactive exhibits, and motion graphics.

I've always pushed myself to learn new things, and have taught myself a number of hands-on skills such as user interviewing, 3d animation, C#, JavaScript, Object-oriented programming, sound editing, and Unity 3d Game Development. In the past I've volunteered as a judge at CSS Design Awards, and helped organize the BostonVR Meetup Group.

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